Claus Harald Hommelhoff

Claus Harald Hommelhoff has been appointed in a total of 88 companies. Claus Harald Hommelhoff is no longer active in 0 of these appointments.

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CompanyControl TypeAppointedDisolvedStatus
Anpartsselskabet Lighthouse United Shareholding2015-01-07Active
Domis Sylbæk Academy A/S Voting rights2017-05-05Active
Bortforpagtningsselskabet Kupé Invest ApS Voting rights2016-11-01Active
FORMUEPLEJE HOLDING A/S Shareholding2011-02-28Active
Formuepleje Ejendomme 2 P/S Shareholding2018-02-022018-06-22Active
WEALTH MANAGEMENT FONDSMÆGLERSELSKAB A/S Voting rights2018-02-212018-05-09Active
Live Event Aarhus A/S Voting rights2014-06-30Active
RESENBRO K/S Shareholding2010-03-01Active
AKTIESELSKABET CBH Voting rights2004-05-27Active
OTIUM DANMARK A/S Voting rights2010-05-19Active
ZENZA INVEST ApS Voting rights2011-10-24Active
SKEJBYVEJ 1 I/S Shareholding2006-04-27Active
Søtoften 8 Skanderborg ApS Voting rights2018-01-08Active
Formuepleje Real Estate Consulting 1 A/S Voting rights2017-11-17Active
Absalon Corporate Credit Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Shareholding2016-01-21Active
Domis Olof Palmes Allé IVS Voting rights2018-01-04Active
Domis Kanalhusene ApS Shareholding2016-02-22Active
Restaurant Slap Af ApS Shareholding2010-05-22Active
Domis Voldbjergvej A/S Shareholding2016-06-30Active
Kupé ApS Shareholding2016-11-01Active
Komplementarselskabet Aarhus 2018 ApS Shareholding2018-12-27Active
Formuepleje A/S Shareholding2013-07-05Active
OT Air ApS Shareholding2014-11-112018-09-27Active
BERNHARDT ApS Shareholding2010-05-25Active
BAKKEN BEARS A/S Shareholding2009-11-20Active
Den Gyldne Kro ApS Voting rights2017-11-13Active
PS 2018 Invest ApS Shareholding2018-04-01Active
PILGRIM EXPORT ApS Voting rights2015-05-18Active
SFV K/S Voting rights2010-03-012019-05-31Active
Formuepleje Real Estate Consulting 2 A/S Voting rights2018-01-30Active
Pilgrim Holding ApS Voting rights2015-05-18Active
FORMUEPLEJE A/S Shareholding2013-07-05Active
Domis Voldbjergvej Bolig ApS Voting rights2019-04-24Active
Clemens Bar ApS Voting rights2019-04-08Active
ABSALON CAPITAL FONDSMÆGLERSELSKAB A/S Voting rights2013-07-052019-04-23Active
BRYG K/S Voting rights2010-03-012018-06-01Active
OT Rejs ApS Voting rights2010-01-20Active
HAVNEINVEST ÅRHUS II ApS Shareholding2010-12-02Active
BørneLungeFonden Active
Glasvej 10 Kbh ApS Voting rights2019-05-16Active
Domis Pakhusene 6 A/S Shareholding2015-07-01Active
WENDELBO MØBEL DESIGN A/S Shareholding2014-02-212019-02-19Active
Ejendomsselskabet Skejbyvej 1 ApS Voting rights2016-05-19Active
Ovenvande Skanderborg ApS Voting rights2015-05-182018-06-29Active
Domis Frederikshavn Holding A/S Shareholding2019-02-01Active
The Mexican A/S Shareholding2018-02-01Active
Simod Holding A/S Shareholding2017-04-12Active
Nordicals Aarhus P/S Voting rights2018-12-27Active
Domis Katrinebjerg ApS Shareholding2014-10-28Active
ÅHUSENE PARKERING ApS Shareholding2011-03-032019-04-30Active
Pilgrim A/S Voting rights2015-05-18Active
DOMIS FREDERIKSPLADS ApS Shareholding2014-04-01Active
WENDELBO INTERIORS A/S Voting rights2014-12-012019-02-19Active
Formuepleje Real Estate Consulting 1 A/S Voting rights2017-11-17Active
CSBHolding ApS Voting rights2019-04-262019-04-29Active
J.S.S. DEVELOPMENT ApS Shareholding2014-09-15Active
HOPTIMIST ApS Shareholding2008-05-01Active
AKTIESELSKABET RDK Voting rights2016-06-20Active
Formuepleje Ejendomme 3 A/S Voting rights2019-02-222019-05-02Active
KOMPLEMENTARSELSKABET SIMOD ApS Shareholding2010-03-01Active
Jægergårdsgade 64-70 ApS Voting rights2011-05-132018-08-01Active
Marketing og Analysecenter Jylland ApS Voting rights2018-10-05Active
CBH HOLDING AARHUS ApS Voting rights2014-06-27Active
Absalon Capital Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Voting rights2013-07-052019-04-23Active
SEIERFITNESS ApS Voting rights2012-05-30Active
Domis Frederikshavn A/S Voting rights2019-02-01Active
AKTIESELSKABET HAVNEINVEST Shareholding2012-11-08Active
NORDICALS A/S Shareholding2017-04-24Active
FORMUEPLEJE SAFE A/S Shareholding2014-12-30Active
AARHUS SEA RANGERS ApS Shareholding2015-04-30Active
TIF & TIFFY DENMARK ApS Voting rights2019-05-01Active
NORDLY RISSKOV ApS Shareholding2018-04-16Active
Projektus III ApS Voting rights2018-07-04Active
DOMIS K/S Shareholding2010-03-01Active
DOMIS Helsingforsgade ApS Voting rights2017-06-22Active
Bar2030 ApS Voting rights2018-02-012018-04-01Active
Søtoften Etape 1 ApS Voting rights2018-01-08Active
SYLBÆK K/S Shareholding2010-03-01Active
DOMIS Helsingforsgade II ApS Shareholding2018-02-06Active
Komplementarselskabet Risskov Brynet ApS Shareholding2017-08-17Active
MESSAGE EARTH ApS Voting rights2016-01-05Active
Domis SH ApS Voting rights2017-10-01Active
DOMIS HOLDING A/S Voting rights2010-03-01Active
DOMIS UDVIKLING ApS Voting rights2014-09-19Active
DOMIS EJENDOMME HOLDING ApS Voting rights2010-06-03Active
AROS MAD & DRIKKE ApS Shareholding2018-02-01Active
RTS HØRNING A/S Voting rights2015-07-01Active